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The Faces Behind Our Progress

Niall Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Silverstein

Chief Finance Officer

Andrew Muncey

Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary

Graeme Smith

Chief Scientific Officer

Ian Smith

Chief Medical Officer

Bryony Harrop

VP of Clinical Development

Desiree Headley

VP of Clinical Science

Robert Heald

VP of Chemistry

Gillian Langford

VP of Clinical Development

Helen Robinson

VP of Biology

Dr Simon J. Boulton, FMedSci FRS

VP of Scientific Strategy

Dr Stephen V. Frye

Scientific Advisor

Professor Geoff Higgins

Scientific Advisor

Professor Chris Lord

Scientific Advisor

Pierre Legault


Niall Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Nora Brennan

Chair of the Audit Committee

Tassos Konstantinou


Irena Melnikova


Michelle Doig


René Kuijten


Nikola Trbovic


Samantha Truex


Raphael Wisniewski


Chen Yu


Hakan Goker


Lisa Patel



Our Mission

Artios is committed to discovering and developing groundbreaking DDR therapeutics to help patients suffering from a broad range of devastating and difficult-to-treat cancers. Innovation in this space is part of our DNA.

Our executive officers pioneered DDR drug discovery when they co-invented the blockbuster PARP inhibitor olaparib (now marketed as Lynparza® by AstaZeneca) and led successful DDR programs while at KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology firm focused on oncology therapies that was acquired by AstraZeneca. Ever since, we have leveraged our deep scientific, clinical, business, and leadership expertise in DDR discovery to build a world-class platform for developing novel inhibitors of specific DNA repair enzymes. Every day, we are continually pushing the boundaries of what our novel platform can accomplish.


Advancement Through Partnership

We believe DDR-based therapies have more opportunity than we can explore alone, and we look to leverage our expertise and maximize the long-term value of our discoveries with strategic partnerships.

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