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Medicine at The Crick – Thursday 11 February. Dr Graeme Smith is giving a talk.

| Announcement

The Francis Crick Institute will be hosting its 6th Medicine at the Crick event on Thursday 11 February.  The event will showcase major advances in biomedical science and raise awareness of the synergies between academia and industry.

This year, the event will be hosted by Dr Simon Boulton (The Francis Crick Institute and Artios Pharma Scientific Strategy VP) and comprises a series of talks on the discovery, development, success and clinical challenges of PARP inhibitors and the current efforts to develop new DNA repair inhibitors to exploit other vulnerabilities in cancer.

Dr Graeme Smith Chief Scientific Officer at Artios will discuss “Therapeutic targeting of the DNA damage response: PARP inhibition and beyond”.  Dr Smith is known for the discovery and development of Lynparza(olaparib), the first targeted DDR inhibitor to reach the market via AstraZeneca.

Other speakers include Prof Charlie Gourley (The University of Edinburgh), Prof Ruth Plummer (Newcastle University), Dr Michael Zinda (Repare Therapeutics) and Ms Kate Bingham (SV Health Investors).

You can find the full programme here:

This event will run as an online Zoom webinar. All registrants will receive Zoom joining details by email in advance of the webinar. If you wish to register for free, please click here.